ILV is a family enterprise. Established in 1995, the company has become renowned for modern technologies and excellent know how in electronics production. 

The company offers a broad range of complex services in the field of electronics production starting with samples of electronic sets and ending with series assemblies of complex products for customers from various industry fields.

The main advantages for our customers.

  • Closeness of customers and the market.
  • Excellent purchasing conditions built for years.
  • Modern technologies and their regular upgrade.
  • Integrated company management system.
  • Short and flexible delivery terms.
  • The best possible price/output proportion 
  • Fast and professional responses to customer’s wishes.
  • Permanent improvement of all company processes.
  • Ecological production.


Based on production data received from you, our sales representative will contact you and prepare a complex custom-made offer. Our team of experts can provide professional services starting with demand and ending with dispatch of products. We have had more than 20 years of experience in the EMS segment. 


Upon customer’s requirements, we can provide development services in cooperation with our verified external partners and with the RICE innovation centre and the West-Bohemian University. Our services start with the electronic, mechanical and software design continue with overall production of mechanical components and end with complex setting and commissioning of products. Our own product called Church Bells was developed in cooperation with our external partners and it has been sold for more than 15 years in the Czech Republic as well as in Germany.

Purchase of materials

Our sales representatives will be more than happy to arrange purchase of materials for you as per your own order. We have had more than 20 years of experience in purchasing materials, which means that our opportunities are unrivalled. All purchased materials pass through our ERP system that guarantees timely delivery. We can store your materials at the highest warehouse standards possible.


We have a modern and sophisticated warehouse system that features automatic reception and registration in the ERP system and storing in automatic warehouses; moisture sensitive components are treated in harmony with the MSD standards. Potentially dangerous components (batteries) are stored in fireproof cabinets. Our very accurate and tireless X-ray counts the material, and therefore, taking inventory is fun for us. 

SMD production

We use top technologies in our production and we boast a team of experienced experts who can manage any application. We own three SMD lines and are able to mount a majority of the currently available packages. Two large production lines for medium- or large-scale production and one line for production of samples where soldering in vapors with the use of vacuum is performed. We are the first ones in the Czech Republic to use the technology that is excellent to prevent voids, and therefore, upgrades solder joints to a higher level.

THT production

Professional preparation of materials, mounting and soldering of terminal components. Machine tin wave soldering with two jets. Selective soldering is applied in production of specific printed circuit boards. Upon customer’s requirements, we can offer other production operations, such as final assembly of devices or fixing of components. 

Testing and programming

We offer a broad spectrum of tests. Starting with traditional electric tests, continuing with function tests and ending with the combination of both. Testing is performed upon customer’s requirements. We can use customer’s testers or prepare our own testers. We also programme individual components outside or directly on printed circuit boards (ISP programming). For larger projects where 100% reliability is required, we offer ICT testing. Beside electric tests we offer climatic and ignition tests as well. 


Based on the coating instructions received from our customer and with the use of our top quality Asymtec technology, we can accurately coat even the most demanding products. In harmony with tests and long-term experience, we use the Peters brand varnishes. Hardening is performed in drying ovens. Inspections of all coated boards are performed optically under the UV radiation. 

Optical inspections

Optical inspections of SMD components are performed on the 3D AOI SAKI, in harmony with a programme created by our specialist. More complicated components, such as the BGA or various types of connectors, are checked by means of X-rays. Inspection of  terminal components are performed by experienced employees  who are certified under IPC-A-610.

Packing and dispatching

We offer a broad range of standardized ESD wraps to our customers. If needed, we are able to produce customized packaging. We use our own cars to transport completed products and materials between the Czech and German ILV branches, and we use contracted carriers to deliver products to end customers.