THT assembly

Machine THT soldering

SEHO PowerWave 3.0

Soldering in a protective atmosphere. (N2)
Preheating 1200mm and soldering of PCB of up to 400x600mm in size, with components of up to 140mm in height.
A fluxer with the HVLP technology combined with modern soldering jets to guarantee top quality soldering. The great flexibility of the machine makes various kinds of production possible.

ERSA_Versaflow ONE

Selective soldering in a protective atmosphere. (N2)
Possibility to set the top and bottom IR preheating of the board before soldering.
PCB soldering with a size of up to 508x508mm and a component height of 120mm on the top side and 45mm on the bottom side of the PCB.
Two soldering stations for various types of soldering at a time or greater passability of products.
A camera near the soldering head makes simple and fast modifications of the programme possible, which guarantees top quality soldering.


Selective soldering in a protective atmosphere. (N2)
Soldering of PCB of up to 300x300mm in size, with components of up to 40mm in height on the soldered side and up to 180mm in height on the unsoldered side.
A Microdrop Fluxer for accurate application and preparation of the PCB for soldering.
IR preheating.
Varied jets make it possible to solder anything from the smallest to the largest terminals.